Find out how other people have created an immersive gameplay experience with our 180-degrees projections screens.

Gamescom 2022

We've showcased our Ultimmersion//180 first at Gamescom, Cologne.

Our three 2.0m screens were used for displaying Microsoft Flight Simulator (landing challenge and TopGun low-altitude challenge) and The Crew 2.

We were thrilled by all positive feedback received from all visitors who tried out our 180-degree projection screens.

Immersive Simulation

Experience simulation as you’ve never done before and step (really) into your favorite game with our curved projection screens.

Whether you’re a sim racer, driving a virtual truck, or a flight simulation pilot, our ultimmersive projections screens will offer you the ultimate immersive visual gameplay experience.

Size Matters

A monitor, a multi-television setup, or a ultimmersive projection screen?

One of the critical factors in creating an immersive simulation experience are visuals. And size does matter for your experience. Our curved projection screens have a bigger surface compared to a setup with three televisions (of equivalent size) and let you experience simulation games as you've never seen before.

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Easy to Set-up

Ultimmersive curved projection screens fit in almost every house, as they are compact and lightweight. Our smallest screen fits in virtually every room as it has a diameter of just two meters (6.56 ft). It’s also
easy to set up on any (upper)floor due to its weight, which is way less than most sim-rigs.

Building your screen can be done within an hour and without any technical knowledge, thanks to the ingenious design.