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The simulation genre is growing rapidly. With titles such as Assetto Corsa, Formula 1, Flight Simulator, Euro Truck Simulator, and even Farm Simulator, it attracts a broader and more diverse range of players.
All these simulation games have two things in common: they are realistic, and you can spend hours playing them without getting bored.

In search of extra immersion
Simulation is not only gaming, it has many applications. In our search for a more immersive experience we've looked into aviation. In aviation, large flight simulators are used to train crew on how to handle emergency situations. These simulators are very realistic. Controls, buttons, and visuals are as in real-life.

As (flight-)simulator enthusiasts we already have realistic controls, which are already widely available. The same goes for other types of simulation: racing wheels, pedals, shifters, and even handbrakes can be bought at any specialist. Even motion platforms are becoming more affordable for home use.
The one big difference we've noticed are the visuals. While we still work with a multi-screen view, professional flight simulators have a big 180-degree curved projection screen.

Unfortunately, these screens are very expensive and very large. Not really the solution where you are looking for your flight- or racing simulator cockpit. 

And that's why we've decided to create our affordable, light-weight, and easy-to-set-up curved projection screen: Utlimmersion.

Ultimmersive creates ultimate immersion for any simulation game. It fits easily in a room of 2,5 x 2,5 meters (approximately 8' x 8'). Due to its weight, it can be easily carried to any floor and doesn't exceed floor limits.

One-stop simulation experience shop
We're offering everything you need for an ultimmersive simulation experience, including the projectors and software required, and high-quality simulation hardware such as Thrustmaster controls and Next Level Racing seats.

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