racing experience

Simulator Racing

Racing is performing; testing the car- and track- limits to be the first to cross the finish line. It’s exactly the same for virtual racing (or sim racing). You need to be the best racer to win your races.

With racing simulators becoming more and more realistic, sim racing is now classified as an e-sport.
Professional races are organized, new racing hardware is introduced on a regular basis, and hardware is getting better and better.
Professional (real-life) race drivers have adopted sim-racing too. For fun (to challenge each other), and also because they can train on virtually every track in the world. Immersion and realism are essential.

Immersive Race Simulator

To achieve the best possible immersive experience hardware is key for race simulation. With the correct steering wheel, pedals, a racing seat, or even a motion platform you will find yourself as if sitting in an actual race car.

Peripherals are essential as well. You can buy the best racing hardware available, but without great visuals or sound, you won't get the most out of your experience.

Imagine how it feels when you can combine all of this; Thrustmaster Racing gear, a Next Level Racing race seat, and a 180 degrees projection screen. That would create the ultimate immersive experience.

Sim Game Screens is your one-stop shop for a complete racing experience. Combining high-end Thrustmaster Racing hardware, together with Next Level Racing seats and Ultimmersion 180-degree screens.

Any track in the world

Sim Racing is ultra-realistic nowadays. Even professional race-car drivers are racing on their computers to master each track or to challenge each other (for fun) online.

The great thing about sim racing is that it is available to anyone. From racing on dirt tracks to Formula 1 tracks, anything is possible. You don't need to be a professional driver and obtain a racing license to start competing. Just start your favorite game on console or pc and start racing.

Immersive Simulation

Experience simulation as you’ve never done before and step (really) into your favorite game with our curved projection screens.

Whether you’re a sim racer, driving a virtual truck, or a flight simulation pilot, our ultimmersive projections screens will offer you the ultimate immersive visual gameplay experience.

Size Matters

A monitor, a multi-television setup, or a ultimmersive projection screen?

One of the critical factors in creating an immersive simulation experience are visuals. And size does matter for your experience. Our curved projection screens have a bigger surface compared to a setup with three televisions (of equivalent size) and let you experience simulation games as you've never seen before.

Easy to Set-up

Ultimmersive curved projection screens fit in almost every house, as they are compact and lightweight. Our smallest screen fits in virtually every room as it has a diameter of just two meters (6.56 ft). It’s also
easy to set up on any (upper)floor due to its weight, which is way less than most sim-rigs.

Building your screen can be done within an hour and without any technical knowledge, thanks to the ingenious design.